Peeper Keeper Beauty was born with the intention to see less single-use plastic packaging in the beauty and skincare space. 

Here at Peeper Keeper Beauty, we are aware that by bringing another product based business into the world that we have a responsibility to clean up after ourselves. 

We may not get it right straight away but we are going to try our best, starting with just the tiniest of steps.

Firstly, with every purchase we will be planting a tree with One Tree Planted. A non-profit organisation focused on global reforestation.

We will also be recycling our products with TerraCycle® via their Zero Waste Box™ solution. Our company uses Zero Waste Box™ by TerraCycle® to recycle our packaging/waste that are not currently recycled by traditional recycling facilities.

Once you are finished with your Peeper Keepers (they should last you a very long time- but maybe you didn't use your tin and they have gotten dirty or perhaps squished at the bottom of your makeup bag?) you can return them to us. They are then put in our Zero Waste Box™ then shipped to TerraCycle® where it is sorted, broken down into raw materials and transformed into new products.

You'll also get a discount off your next purchase with us as a thank you for being such a great human!

We have so many great initiatives and some really great collaborations in the works so please watch this space.

Thanks for being here x