Peeper Keepers are under-eye masks made of 100% medical grade silicone which you can use time and time again. These handy lil guys will help to lock in and intensify the under-eye creams and serums that you, most likely, already have sitting on your shelf at home.
Fine lines are softened, dark circles lightened and bags are told to pack up and leave.
*remember to do your patch testing with products before you use them and check ingredients*

Please read on...
Gently tap a small amount of eye cream/ serum onto your under eye area, allowing the product to get tacky. 
Gently place your Peeper Keepers under your eyes and along your orbital bone, making sure to jiggle them around until they're sitting comfortably.
Leave for 5-15 minutes while you brush your teeth, meditate or check your socials. Rinse and dry your Peeper Keepers and pop them back in the tin!
Recommended for use morning and night.

If using twice a day you'll only need to use these for about 5 minutes at a time.
If using once a day, leave on for 10-15 minutes.
Pop your Peeper Keepers in the freezer for an added cooling effect.
Unsure if you have a silicone allergy? Make sure you do a patch test on your arm first with your Peeper Keepers. 
Peeper Keepers do intensify absorption of product ingredients, we recommend that you do a patch test first if your eye creams/ serums contains retinol, vitamin C or other active ingredients.